Purr City - for children to learn about the world and have fun

Purr City is a world of civilised cats that run their own city. They enjoy learning and training for careers. But they also believe in having fun!

In Purr City, we want children to become intelligent and curious about the world by helping them learn in a fun and interesting way. Children have the potential to achieve great things! Potential means the ability to develop, achieve and succeed; it comes from the Latin word potentia meaning power.

History of Purr City

Cats building a cat world - Purr City

Some cats broke away from the human world and built their own city. They saw a better way of life.

Entry to Purr City is free for cats, who can enter and leave whenever they wish. Humans must pay an entrance to enter the gates of Purr City, to contribute to its maintenance.

Purr City was built by the courage and co-operation of many cats. Co-operate means to work together. Operate comes from the Latin word operare which means to work.

Purr City cat T-shirts, cat jumpers, cat bags and cat mugs are already available and can be ordered in both the UK and USA.

Purr City books are available on Amazon Kindle in both the USAand the UK.

Classics Cats is designed to encourage a love of the classics, ancient history, language and a curiosity for learning.

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